Getting to know Fliptoons

Fliptoons is the place to read Filipino webtoons without sacrificing your privacy.


James Casia

August 30, 2021 at 09:50 AM

What even is Fliptoons?

Fliptoons is the place to read Filipino webtoons without sacrificing your privacy. It uses Web Monetization to enable secure payments and ensure payments are transferred directly to the comic creator. We aim to support Filipino webcomic artists by offering a just monetization model and being a platform where they can focus on the quality of their comics. At Fliptoons, we aim to be the place where Filipino webcomics are celebrated.

Wait, what is Web Monetization and why should I even care?

Ads is the default way for creators to monetize their content. This is problematic for a lot of reasons.

First, ads are very invasive. Ad companies track your browsing data and collect personally identifiable information to perform targeted advertisements. This doesn't stop there. These companies also sell your data to other companies you've never done any business with. Users are often unaware of this occurring and are incognizant of how much value these companies are getting from their data.

Second, ads incentivize creators to maximize clicks and impressions on their content instead of quality. This problem is very evident today with the ubiquity of clickbait and misinformation across the web. Creators that are passionate about their work and put a lot of effort into their content are just not paid enough that they die out or adapt to this absurd algorithm.

This is the premise of the creation of Web Monetization. Web Monetization is an open, native, and efficient way to make payments throughout the web. With Web Monetization, fans can directly stream payments to their favorite content creators without sneaky third parties and giving out their browsing data.

Fliptoons aims to apply this new method of monetization on webcomics in particular as the space also largely suffers from this problem.

How did Fliptoons come to be?

Fliptoons is made possible through benevolent funding from the Interledger Foundation. The Interledger Foundation through Grant For The Web, provides a fund to boost open, fair, inclusive standards, and innovations in Web Monetization. We were declared as a recipient of this grant last June 15. We saw that the webcomic space would greatly benefit from direct payments to creators and micropayment streams hence we took the opportunity to create Fliptoons.

Who is behind Fliptoons?

Behind Fliptoons is a team of passionate college students who share a passion for webcomics and the drive to make the web a better place. The team is composed of James, Kent, and Camelle who are longtime high school friends who reunited to create a positive impact and to experiment with new and exciting technology.

What is happening and what are your plans?

Currently, we are still developing the website. We will be releasing updates and will be holding an event very soon. So be sure to join our mailing list and subscribe to our social media channels!

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